Why Choose Maldives

Why Choose Maldives

Choosing a holiday destination is never as easy, all one has to do is ask the millions of visitors who have come to the Maldives over the years, their reason for coming to the Maldives, or the many repeat visitors why they book their rooms in the maldives so well ahead of arrival. The answer is simple no other Holiday destination can match the white soft sandy beaches, the crystal clear seas or can get as close to paradise as the Maldives.

Exclusively Yours
Each Maldivian Resort hotel is a separate island and by regulation Maldivian resorts have a limited number of rooms this ensures there is no overcrowding at the beach or other facilities. In short the Maldivian Holiday guarantees your place in the sun.

Over 100 Islands
Maldives is composed of 1190 coral islands and of which 100 are resort islands, so you have more variety to choose from.

Maldives does not have any civil disturbances or war. So you do not have to worry about unwelcome surprises

Submerge Yourself
Maldives has one of the finest diving sites in the world. A number of Dive magazines have selected Maldives as the best Diving in the world.

A Smile for Everyone
Maldivians have been known for their hospitality ever since ancient sailors landed on the islands shores. Maldivians are hospitable and friendly people.

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