Lastminute Maldives

Why Choose Us

Lastminute Maldives is independent of any single resort or travel agent and is affiliated to a number of resorts and travel agents, this ensures that you are offered the best holiday package that suits your requirement

Wide Collection of Resorts
Due to our wide network of Resorts and Travel Agents we are able to offer you more resorts.

Best Possible Rates
We are not obliged to obtain our clients requirement’s from any single party or directly form the hotel, this enables us to give our clients the best possible rates.

Partner Selection Process
Our Partner Resorts, Hotels and Safari Boats are carefully selected to provide you the best service and quality

Last Minute Deals
Finally and most importantly Lastminute Maldives endeavours to fulfil their clients requirements even at a short notice. So your holiday plans materialise even at the last minute.

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